Elements Beauty Spa

Beauty Treatments 


Discover a range of indulgent facials that revitalise, replenish and hydrate, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin. Our specialist treatments are designed to tighten, tone, refresh tired skin and take years off you.

Each facial treatment begins with a 15 minute skincare consultation which allows you to discuss your current skincare and face care regime, and for us to analyse your skin in order to ensure you receive the best treatment for you.

To continue the benefits of your facial treatments at home, why not take a look at our online store where you can purchase 100% natural skincare products. Or talk to us about creating a range, blended just for you. 


Holistic Facial

When you want more than just a facial, try this holistic hour of rejuvenation. Combines facial techniques with acupressure massage to leave the whole body feeling cleansed.



Prescription Facial

This facial is individually tailored to treat your bodies imbalances and restore harmony to troubled skin. Especially good for teenage, acne and older skin types.



Aromatherapy Facial

Combines the benefits of Aromatherapy with an incredibly soothing facial. Excellent for tired, stressed skin. 


Holistic Facial    1hr     30€

Prescription Facial    1hr     30€

 Aromatherapy Facial    1hr     30€


Eye Treatments

Our eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body and as such require special care.

Treatments like tinting are a wonderful way to get that mascara look for up to 6 weeks which eliminate the need to rub your eyes everyday to clean mascara away.

Eyelash extensions are a wondeful way to define your eyes and really make you feel glamourous.




Eyebrow Shape (Wax or Tweeze)

 Eyebrow Tint*

Eyebrow Tint and Shape*

Eyelash Tint*

Eyelash Extensions

15mins        7.50€

15mins        7.50€

20mins       13€

15mins        7.50 

1hr                30€




Lip or Chin
Lip and Chin
Bikini Line
½ Leg
Full Leg
Full leg and Bikini
Full leg and Underarm

15 mins          5  €
20 mins         10€
15 mins          6€
15 mins          8€
30 mins         15€
1 hr                  20€
1hr15mins     27€
1hr15mins     27€


Airbrush Tanning            1 session 20€ or 5 sessions (prebooked) 80€

The airbrush tanning system in it´s simplest form, is the distributing of a tanning solution onto the skin utilising an air compressor and airbrush. The compressor forces air out through the end of the sirbrush which holds the solution in a separate chamber. As the air rushes past it collects quantities of solution which are then deposited on the skin. Meaning even, streak-free tanning.

The active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and most airbrushing solutions also contain a further external bronzer which begins to show immediately as soon as they have been sprayed. This aids the application as the areas that have already been treated are visible.


A golden tan, without the risk of skin damage

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