Elements Beauty Spa



Here at Elements we offer a wide variety of treatments including Holistic Therapies, Beauty Treatments,

Specialised Hand and Feet Treatments & Detoxing.



Click on a treatment title for more information on the range of treatments offered at Elements


Holistic Therapies

Individually tailored treatments, designed to rebalance, revitalise and heal from the inside out.

A harmonious aligning of mind, body and soul, that will leave you feeling uplifted and recharged


Beauty Therapies

When you want to feel good there is no better therapy than a bit of pampering.

Our beauty treatments are designed to leave you looking and feeling amazing.


Hands and Feet

We use and abuse them on a daily basis, so why not take some time out to thank your hands and feet, 

and pamper them with our specially designed treatments. 



Daily life can put an tremondous amount of toxins into our body, everything we eat drink and breather further pollutes us, so what can we do?

A monthly detox can restore balance, reducing the toxins to a level your body can manage. 

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