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 Wedding Services

 At Elements we work hard to ensure your wedding is as stressless as possible. We offer all the beauty treatments you need to prepare yourself and have a private garden and pool area for hen pamper parties. We offer"Hair Therapy" and will ensure you have shiny, healthy hair for your big day. Our nail technician specialises in stunning and sophisticated wedding nails, including nail art and swarovski crystals. And is now offering Shellac and Bluesky Nails too. Our Holistic and Beauty therapist offers you everything to make you look perfect on you special day including waxing, tanning, facials, massage and reiki.


We will help you to look and feel beautiful on your special day!



 When planning your wedding, it is very easy to find yourself getting stressed and tired. All those lists don´t seem to be getting any shorter, you still haven´t booked all the things you need, and no-one else will do it like you would.

In order to think clearly and allow yourself to function at your best, it is important to put aside a little "you time".

Any skin care routine needs time to show the best results and it is recommended to start a course of facials 6 weeks before your wedding. This allows your skin to adjust, and rebalance in plenty of time.


 The same applies to your nails. If you want strong healthy nails for that all important ring photo, you need to prepare in advance. Having a regular manicure in the lead up to the wedding will mean your nails are in top shape for whatever you want you doing with them.

Shellac, our new hybrid polish system, stays chip free for up to three weeks, which means your wedding nails will last all the way through your honeymoon too.



Other Services


For your wedding music and evening reception:

Encore are a female duo who perform a wide variety of music including Swing, Jazz, Rock ´n´Roll, and everything else to make your party really memorable.




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